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Good Doctors: Stories from the Heart of Health Care

As a practicing physician and chief medical officer of Press Ganey Associates, where he leads the development of strategies for measuring and improving the patient experience, Dr. Thomas H. Lee has his finger on the pulse of health care and the mood of its clinicians.

A passionate advocate for safe, high-quality, patient-centered care that is delivered with empathy and compassion, Dr. Lee works with health care leaders and clinicians from across the country, sharing his insights and experience and helping them identify and remove barriers that may be impeding progress toward fulfillment of their caring mission.

Through this work, Dr. Lee has the opportunity to interact with physicians who have found goals through their patient care that shape the way they think of themselves and their work.  Instead of being burned out, they are consumed.  They are challenging themselves and those around them to think beyond the science of medicine and embrace the heart of it.

In a new podcast series titled, “Good Doctors: Stories from the Heart of ​Health Care,” Dr. Lee invites some of these physicians to share the unique ways they have combined their professional expertise with out-of-the-box thinking to create meaningful, positive change.

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