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Making healthcare better for everyone

We share your commitment to DEI. Our solutions are designed to capture the right information in the right way, and hone in on important issues impacting different populations. And close any gaps in care or experience. Together, we can put an end to healthcare inequities and create a system that better serves everyone, everywhere.

Improving care through inclusivity

View your data through a new lens

Expand how you collect feedback, so you hear from everyone. Unlock key insights into safety events, race/ethnicity information, patient equity, and staff diversity.

Make DEI a reality

Turn your insights into action with our workforce engagement tools. Let our roadmap guide you every step of the way in creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Keep learning

We offer one-on-one coaching plus training and development workshops to help you become an expert on diversity in healthcare.

Close the health gap

Know what the patient experience looks like for different groups. Find out what you can change to give everyone the care they need and deserve.


Join us in working toward an equitable future

Already a Press Ganey client? Be part of our healthcare equity partnership. Join healthcare systems across the country to challenge the status quo.

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions

problems we solve

Patient and workforce safety

Problems we solve

Employee experience

“Creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture is not only a moral obligation—it’s imperative for business sustainability and delivering optimal health outcomes.”

Dr. Tejal Gandhi
Chief Safety and Transformation Officer, Press Ganey

diversity, equity, and inclusion

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