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Healthcare big data

Bring big data into your big decisions

A galaxy of data from surveys and feedback means an ever-growing opportunity to see your performance like never before. Our platform gives you access to healthcare’s biggest datasets—and with them, unrivaled insights. So you can take action and make an impact. 

With data, size is strength

Make decisions based on science, not guesswork

Tap into powerful tools that let you measure and compare to others in the industry. So you can make the right calls and deliver the best care. 

Big data, meet powerful analytics

Spot trends, dive into detail, and get the best out of big data. Our industry-defining analytics tools give you the edge. 

Your digital data scientist 

Time travel to the future. Our predictive analytics let you see what’s coming and do something about it. 

Unmatched healthcare data

45M patients. 23M health plan members. 3M employees. These voices combine to deliver rock-solid insights you won’t find anywhere else. 

cloud computing

Data delivered when and where you need it

Cloud computing in healthcare at its best: Our cloud infrastructure makes for a fast, reliable platform that lets data flow where it’s needed. 


Systems that speak a single language 

Our platform works with HL7—the healthcare data-sharing standard. Which lets all your software play nicely together, and lets you send us new patient data right away. 


Certified secure

Thousands of clients trust us with their data every day, and we take that responsibility seriously. Press Ganey solutions are HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified, so you know your data’s totally safe. 

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions


healthcare big data

Unlock a treasure trove of data

Get in touch, and we’ll show you what it all means on screen.  

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