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Engage patients with real-time experience insights

Strengthen relationships with patients, clinical trial participants, investigator sites, and HCPs. Reduce friction, keep trials on track, and streamline the path to patient-preferred care. Press Ganey’s deep healthcare experience, world-class technology, and consultants deliver standardized measurement and engagement tools for continuous listening—and accelerated ROI.

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Clinical trials

Elevate the voices of all trial participants

Solve for patient retention and DEI on clinical trials through demographically segmented experience insights and vibrant visualizations. Empower your sites to predict dropouts and take corrective action in real time. Lean on our unrivaled science, benchmarks, technology, and HIPAA-compliant processes to measure and compare the participant experience on your trials to industry benchmarks and therapeutic peers.

Disrupt the dogma of site selection

Site selection

Disrupt the dogma of site selection

Choose wisely, using innovative new metrics based on patient experience, retention, and diversity. Change the game by measuring what matters. Identify and activate de novo sites and convert patients into participants.

Time to market

Accelerate time to market

The real MVP in clinical trials is time, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Our secret? Streamlining your journey from trial initiation to market with a laser focus on retaining participants. Voilà—fewer dropouts and delays, and faster time to market.

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Fast-track patient-preferred care

Find a doctor

Fast-track patient-preferred care

Our API-integrated “finder” directories melt right into your brand.com, unbranded.com, or clinical trial recruiting websites. Help patients find physicians, infusion centers, labs, pharmacies, or clinical research sites to simplify their journey. Add Press Ganey-verified patient ratings and reviews to build trust. Transform intelligence from search behavior into strategies for success.

Journey mapping

Map patient journeys for deeper, action-oriented insights

Apply data-driven behavioral knowledge and measures to map journeys and uncover patient expectations within specific disease indications or demographics. Leverage Press Ganey’s human-centered design consulting expertise to transform learnings into carefully curated experiences for clinical trials, patient adherence, and/or patient support services—all compliant with FDA guidance.

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An engaged and diverse workforce leads to engaged and diverse patients

Employee engagement

An engaged and diverse workforce leads to engaged and diverse patients

Improve workforce engagement using our standardized instruments. Uncover areas for improvement to attract and retain talent. Apply our predictive analytics models to identify correlations between staff and patient experience outcomes. Press Ganey is a proud member of the ACRP Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce Global Consortium.

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life sciences

Empower patients, enhance trials

Get in touch to see how we help leading pharma and device companies leverage the patient voice in clinical trials, win over consumers, and stay top of mind.

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