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Smiling healthcare provider with stethoscope around her neck.

NursE consulting

Supporting the nurses at the heart of your facility 

You and your team are the backbone of the healthcare system. But daily challenges can feel like you and your nurses are spinning your wheels. Our nurse consultants have all been there. They know what it takes to beat those odds, hold onto nurses, deliver great care, and achieve nursing excellence.  

How we help you
take care of your nurses 

For nurses, by nurses 

Our solutions reflect real-world working conditions. And they’re flexible to evolve as things change, with our nursing consultants helping you navigate new challenges along the way.

Listen to learn 

Start conversations that spark positive change. Our nursing consultants help you tune in to your nursing workforce to uncover what’s working, and see where things need to change.

A culture that cares 

Nursing engagement, well-being, resilience, and retention starts with culture. Our nursing consultants can help you take targeted steps to drive positive cultural transformation.

Pomp and circumstance 

We opened our Nursing Leadership Academy to grow newly tenured nurses into the next generation’s nurse managers, directors, and CNOs.


Win with empathy

Your nurses deliver care with empathy and compassion. And we just make it easier. Our consultants design ways to help your nursing team connect deeper with patients to improve the experience of everyone in your care.

Healthcare provider in scrubs concentrating on a task.
Healthcare worker using a stethoscope to examine a patient.


Make your nurse leaders future-ready

Invest in your nurses. Arm the nursing leaders of today and tomorrow with everything they need to manage top-performing nursing units. Our programs support Magnet® and RN certification to develop nurses ready and raring to take on today’s unique challenges.

magnet readiness

Jump-start the journey to nursing excellence with nursing consulting  

Our nursing consultants use tried-and-true techniques to help you get your nursing team from where you want to be on your journey to achieve Magnet Recognition Program® accreditation.

Healthcare worker reviewing records on an iPad.
Hands of a healthcare worker applying a bandage on a patient’s knee.

clinical improvement

Improve processes,
improve care

Exceptional clinical care is the core of an exceptional patient experience. We use our legacy of expertise to create custom systems and processes for your organization that deliver safe, high-quality care you can sustain, at a price point that makes sense. 

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Nursing consulting

Fuel your front line

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