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High Reliability Platform & PSO

Eliminate harm before it occurs

Our High Reliability Platform (HRP) tracks safety events. See where errors occur, understand the causes, and fix things so that they don’t happen again. And our Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is a confidential space where you can share safety events and best practice with peers.

Get to the root cause of harm

Safety won’t wait

Our high reliability platform is ready to go on day one—not weeks or months down the line. Start using our forms, dashboards, and analytics out of the box, then customize from there.

Shareable insights at your fingertips

No complex tech training needed. Your team can collaborate and share insights instantly with our flexible and easy-to-use dashboards.

Safety, across the board

The HRP platform engages your whole team. Reporting concerns on the move is super simple too, with a SMART Reporter App embedded right in your patient charts.

Promote clarity and collaboration

Safety can be compromised when employees are afraid of the blame game. Tools like real-time alerts, action plans, and dashboards break down silos and make transparency the norm.


Supercharge your path to zero harm

A safe space to collaborate and share. Our Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is officially listed with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It’s a legally protected, confidential forum for sharing insights on patient safety.

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Stop harm in its tracks

Zero harm is closer than ever before, and we’re doing our part to make it a reality. We work closely with healthcare leaders to stop patient and employee harm before it happens, through proven best practices and high reliability organizing (HRO).

Giving you the tools to make a difference

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions

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Patient & workforce safety


Safety & high reliability

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Safety & quality leader

“Our improvement is not a siloed approach—we share similar teams; we share similar conversations. And high reliability is the foundation of it all.”

Paul Lambrecht
Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Inspira Health Network

High reliability & PSO

Level up your safety strategies

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