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Take control of your healthcare reputation once and for all

Listen in wherever patients are talking about you, with the tools to track feedback across all major review sites, from Healthgrades to Vitals to WebMD and more. Pull that feedback together, learn what it means, and use it to see why patients choose you—and why they come back.

The world’s only healthcare reputation management platform built just for you

Digest thousands of words in seconds 

Our natural language processing (NLP) technology understands text how humans do. Just much faster.

Know when things need to change

Set up workflows and alerts by location and department. That way, if a negative review comes in, the people with the power to do something know right away.

Find the feeling behind the words 

Sentiment analysis uses what patients write to reveal how they feel. Comments are categorized automatically, so it’s easy to spot their pain points.

See how you stack up

Track your healthcare reputation performance against handpicked competitors. Understand why patients choose you over them.


Your one-stop shop for healthcare reputation management

Our healthcare reputation management platform pulls together and makes sense of patient comments from across the internet. You can track your healthcare reputation in real time and over time in a single dashboard, and respond to patient comments right inside the platform.

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Turn insight into action

Use what people think to inform what you do. Double down on what’s winning people over, cut what’s driving them away, and spot the golden opportunities to try something new with our reputation management platform.. 

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“People are starting their journeys in many different places, like Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD. And they can engage and make an appointment via the information they have right when they find it. We’re focused on bringing in as many people to those conversion points as possible.”

Ashleigh Churchward
Director of Digital Channel Strategy, Northwell  Health

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