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The member experience, decoded

Zero in on opportunities for high-value improvements by better understanding your member feedback and plan data. Our data-driven approach to health plan consulting delivers the real answers that let you cut through the complexity and achieve company financial goals.

How we help you transform the member experience

Start at the source: your members 

Our health plan consultants start with the wealth of insights you’re already collecting from your members. Then we help you design an exceptional experience that will help you boost performance and loyalty. 

Let data guide action 

The numbers don’t lie. Our experts use hard data to inform and drive strategy, so you know exactly what to do next to solve problems and stop them from reoccurring. 

Apply expertise 

Our health plan consultants have all been in your shoes, with years of experience working in health plans and provider organizations. So they know what works and what doesn’t.

Achieve improvement 

Our goal is for you to sustain improvement for the long term so that you, your organization, and your patients continue to reap the rewards. 

member experience

Curate the member journey

We turn numbers into nurture by using member feedback and insights to design actionable, sustainable improvements you can track and measure. The healthcare market is constantly evolving, and you need the expertise of experienced consultants who understand the full scope of your concerns—from both members and providers.

Curate the member journey


Earn more stars with more data 

We work side by side with you to get a snapshot of your current setup, co-design a strategic roadmap, and launch programs tailor-made for your vision. We’ll even stick around to ensure your results are sustainable over the long run. 


Strengthen provider relationships

Improve access, reduce friction and hassle, and improve care cost and quality. Our health plan consulting experts help solve your top challenges in care coordination, access, and so much more.

member loyalty

Be the solution

Grow market segments with new members. Tailor the member experience. See at-risk members, and understand what’s behind churn. Our health plan consultants come armed with insights from more than 40M patients and 23M members to help you do it all.

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Make performance possible

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