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Episode 06: Redefining nurse resilience in the age of innovation

The nursing workforce is the backbone of healthcare. Beyond serving as front-line clinicians, they deliver holistic care by providing emotional support and connection alongside their medical expertise—all essential components of optimal outcomes.

Hosted by Jeff Doucette, Press Ganey’s Chief Nursing Officer, this episode dives into the real, raw, and inspiring realities of nursing today. He’s joined by Orlando Health’s David Willis and Cedars Sinai’s Annie Azor-OCampo—the two winners of the peer-nominated HX24 Nursing Excellence Award—to explore what ignites nurses’ passion, how to cultivate resilient teams, how to forge human connections in the digital age, and the art of self-care in the face of uncertainty.

These nursing leaders got together at HX24 to discuss:

  • How nurses can reclaim a sense of self and build resilience amid the relentless daily pressures on the job, and the importance of celebrating wins big and small.
  • The undeniable power of active listening, open communication, and collaborative problem-solving—not just to minimize burnout, but to build truly thriving teams.
  • How to leverage technology for efficiency, while safeguarding the human connection so essential for exceptional patient care.
  • Opportunities on the horizon, and how nursing leaders can reignite the flame of hope for long-tenured nurses as well as the next generation.