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Star Ratings that shine as bright as your health plan

Nineteen percent of Medicare Advantage health plans that were 4 stars or more dropped below 4 stars in the 2023 CMS Star Ratings. We’ll help you figure out where you stand and how you can improve.

Stay a step ahead of health plan Star Ratings

Better than a crystal ball

Improve your performance, steer clear of penalties, and avoid losing money with the technology, analytics, and expertise to predict your Star Ratings.

The best health plans use the best analytics

98% of 4- and 5-star Medicare Advantage and Part D plans partner with Press Ganey. Gain valuable insights into what works for the nation’s top-performing health plans when you work with our team.

Get ahead of changes

Maximize your reimbursement dollars, attract new members, and get a head start with strategic planning. We’ll help you get there.

Our expertise is your expertise

Giving patients a stellar experience is vital if you’re going to win those star ratings. Don’t have an in-house patient experience expert? Borrow ours. They know PX better than anyone else.


Put all the pieces together

We’ll help you understand the risks you face and the steps you can take to improve your CAHPS Star Ratings. Let our data-driven approach deliver the real answers you need to create a quality member experience and boost Star Ratings, provider communication, and performance.

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See your members from every angle

Get to know your members—who they are, what they need, and what’s going to win their loyalty. Remix your data by any metric that matters, and use what you learn to keep Star Ratings sky high. And do it all in real time, with data that flows in and shows up instantly for everyone who needs to see it.


One platform to rule regulatory

Become CAHPS compliant and stay on top of changes. We know the rules inside and out. And we have the tools to help you up your scores and make regulatory compliance swift and simple to deal with.

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Giving you the tools to make a difference

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions


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Health plan star ratings

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