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Your ally in culture transformation


Your ally in culture transformation

 A thriving workforce is the foundation for engaged patients, unmatched clinical results, and rock-solid financial performance. Our experts root out challenges lurking under the surface, then help you take specific steps toward refreshing your working culture from the inside out.

Better culture, better bottom line 

Start at the source: your employees

Our consultants start with the wealth of insights you’re already collecting from your employees. Then we help you design an exceptional experience that keeps and attracts talent.

Let data guide action

The numbers don’t lie. Our experts use hard data to inform and drive strategy, so you know exactly what to do next to solve problems for good.

Apply expertise

Our consultants have all been in your shoes, with years working in hospitals and health systems. So they know what works and what doesn’t.

See improvement

Our goal is for you to sustain improvement for the long term so that you, your organization, and your employees continue to reap the rewards.


Prioritize your people

Every employee is part of the beating heart of your organization, from nurses and physicians to environmental services staff and beyond. A healthy and high-performing workplace culture grows from a robust HR infrastructure that supports the talent management lifecycle from start to finish.

Prioritize your people
Get to the source of the matter


Get to the source of the matter

We’ll partner with you to uncover the root cause of disengagement. Our consultants identify underlying workforce challenges and help you take targeted steps to achieve cultural transformation.


Invest in your nurses

Arm current and future nursing leaders with everything they need to manage top-performing units. Our programs support Magnet® and RN certification to develop nurses ready and raring to take on today’s unique challenges.

Invest in your nurses
Inspire your people


Inspire your people

You need solutions that are informed by what it’s like to be a front-line nurse, a physician, and other staff members. Press Ganey’s employee experience (EX) consultants deliver exactly that so you can develop leaders, improve performance, and nurture positive culture change.

The latest insights from Press Ganey

“Our mission is palpable. For me, as a leader, it has really brought out how much I care, and I need to be vulnerable sometimes and show that. The stuff we’re dealing with is tough, but it takes us back to why we’re here, the purpose we have every single day, and the impact.”

Sue Robel
SVP, Clinical Operations, and Chief Nursing Executive, Intermountain Healthcare

employee experience consulting

Be known (and ranked) as the best place to work 

Get in touch. We can’t wait to show you everything our EX consultants can do when we team up with you.

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