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Tell tomorrow’s story, today 

Knowing what’s happening right now is great. But leapfrogging your competitors? For that, you need to know what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month. Our predictive analytics technology is your window into the future. So you’re primed and ready to tackle challenges coming down the pipeline, and your business gets a forward boost from being in the know ahead of time. 

Clairvoyant powers.
Powered by the real world.  

Solutions backed by scientific rigor 

Whether you’re anticipating challenges with our predictive analytics or deciding where to focus resources right now, you know you’re acting on the best possible insights. 

Let us do the hard work for you 

Our advanced analytics let you pull together and make sense of all of your data—revealing where you need to improve, and what you can celebrate. 

Insights you won’t find elsewhere 

How do we do it? Unmatched analytic solutions with access to our huge database of healthcare business intelligence—everything from hospital to health plan to life sciences insights. 

Act on what you can change today 

Some changes can’t wait. Our real-time reporting tools, workflows, and alerts let you make improvements that need to happen now, with deeply insightful data guiding decision-making.  

future proofing

Plan for further down the road 

Meaningful insights aren’t just about what to do now. They’re also about long-term actions that effect real change. Our analytics help you to prepare for tomorrow, today

data display

Different perspectives. Deeper understanding. 

Everybody processes information in their own unique way. We can apply a variety of lenses to your data—and display it in a variety of formats. Whatever it takes to give you the deepest understanding of what’s happening in your organization.  

Giving you the tools to make a difference

Your biggest challenges meet our best solutions

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