Patient Experience


Tap into robust patient insights specific to your organization's population leveraging surveys you already use.

Meet Patients Where They Are with Customizable Surveys


Emerging needs


Address emerging needs

Unlock next-level insights around the patient experience. Dive into performance data using PGFusion to better understand and respond to patients’ evolving needs.

Real connection


Build a real connection

Audience segmenting lets you ask questions relevant to each unique experience, helping you engage more authentically with patients in your care.

Survey fatigue


Avoid survey fatigue

Randomize your question list to maximize data input while keeping surveys short. With rotating question banks, easily swap items in and out so surveys stay fresh and relevant.

Stay ahead


Stay ahead of competitors

Ensure patients choose you again and again. Competitive benchmarking tells you if you’re falling behind, keeping pace, or leading the way compared to the broader landscape.


Patient seeking health

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Minimize cost, time, and effort—without recreating the wheel. Press Ganey’s extensive survey item library lets you personalize patient surveys to ask the right questions for your organization’s needs.

World of healthcare

Stay Agile in the Fast-Paced World of Healthcare

Easily layer custom questions into already validated patient experience surveys. Dynamic Surveying lets you personalize patient surveys, keeping you flexible enough to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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