Powered by 40 million patient voices each year, Press Ganey arms you with insights to help you deliver an exceptional patient experience at every step of the journey. 

An Exceptional Patient Experience Made Simple


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Deliver a personalized care experience

Understand each patient holistically with innovative feedback mechanisms, action-oriented dashboards, and deep data segmentation, finely tuned to patient attributes and demographics. 

Real time


Anticipate needs, solve them in real time

Exceed patients' high expectations for a great healthcare experience. Act in the moment to identify service failures, collect real-time feedback, and solve problems before they surface online or in surveys. 



Powerful analytics drive PX improvement

Advanced reporting leverages sophisticated analytics to distill vast amounts of data into clear next steps. Our solutions are designed to help you make an impact by streamlining patient rounding, enabling real-time service recovery, and optimizing patient engagement. 




Prepare for the future

Keep up with evolving market and patient needs with an expert library of on-demand improvement resources. Your dedicated client success team keeps your team focused on priorities and accelerates improvement efforts. 



Collect patient feedback

Create Rapid Feedback Loops

Dive deeper into the patient experience. Innovative survey mechanisms let you seamlessly collect patient feedback across all settings and service lines. Leverage Press Ganey’s robust library of surveys—or create your own—and paint a more complete picture with rich demographic data.

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Get to the Root Cause of Issues

Unparalleled AI-driven comment analytics automatically humanize and analyze text to help you understand problems and respond quickly. 

Maximize organization growth

Maximize Growth with Competitive Benchmarks

Understand how you compare to other organizations in patient experience. Press Ganey’s vast index of healthcare data provides a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape as well as insights and best practices to optimize performance.

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View the Patient Experience Holistically

Customized, action-oriented dashboards centralize disparate feedback sources, including experience surveys, complaints and grievances, discharge calls and texts, review sites, social media, and rounding.  

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Dynamic Surveying


Dynamic Surveying

Dynamic Surveying lets you personalize patient surveys, keeping you flexible enough to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment.





Transform the patient care experience and improve staff performance. One easy-to-use platform integrates patient, staff, quality, and safety rounding as well as service recovery. 





Press Ganey’s patented natural language processing technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to get to the heart of the issues, fast. 



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