Patient Voice: Every Patient Matters.
Every Voice Counts.

Capturing the voice of every patient is a critical component to improving operational performance. To continue to advance the patient experience, providers must leverage their data to uncover more targeted opportunities within their unique patient populations.

Press Ganey's Patient VoiceTM solutions provide meaningful and actionable insight into every aspect of patient perception across the care continuum through mail, phone and electronic survey options and a unique approach to provide organizations a means to capture every voice through census-based surveyingTM. Press Ganey provides flexible options to meet regulatory CAHPS requirements and enhance CAHPS surveys by digging deeper - asking additional questions to identify with greater precision the underlying issues. And, as the industry leader, we offer unmatched benchmarking to help providers understand and drill into performance, both within an organization and relative to peer groups and other cohorts.

Built on three decades of research and expertise, Press Ganey’s proprietary surveys support a comprehensive approach to improving the total patient experience. Our solutions help address the service and communication issues that improve all interpersonal actions: attending to the physical and psychological suffering inherent in the experience care; focusing on the various controllable factors that contribute to patient suffering, such as poor communication, lack of compassion and insufficient education; and taking action to correct controllable process defects that might contribute to patient discomfort or distress. Press Ganey’s Patient Voice solutions paint a rich picture of the patient experience overall and pinpoint areas to focus resources.

  • Census-based surveyingTM – Offers every patient the opportunity to be heard across all areas of patient care. Census-based surveying supports deeper data capture to drive advanced analytics, ultimately leading to more targeted performance improvement opportunities.
  • Patient-reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) – PROMs solutions capture how a patient perceives the impact of care intervention on quality of life and ability to function. Press Ganey’s PROMS solutions help clinicians understand long-term results by providing statistically-valid patient-centered measures that complement traditional medical outcome measures.
  • Patient visit and encounter surveys – Our solutions for physician offices and medical practices, ambulatory settings, and home health care agencies provides flexibility and responsiveness with real-time, actionable and statistically accurate data that make it quick and easy to capture your patients’ perspective their care.
  • Regulatory surveys – Press Ganey supports CAHPS requirements to help organizations prepare for and satisfy new public reporting needs and new payment models. Regulatory questions can be included in proprietary Press Ganey surveys or stand-alone.
  • Performance Transparency Solution – Press Ganey partners with your team to drive success using a comprehensive process for ongoing measuring and improvement. We support your goals through deep data capture with census-based surveying, streamlined review of performance data and patient comments, and best practice approaches for promoting physician engagement.

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For nearly 30 years Press Ganey has supported health care providers in understanding and improving the patient experience. The company's comprehensive suite of solutions, from patient surveys to advanced analytics, helps drive targeted, sustainable improvement across the continuum of care. By capturing the voice of the patient, employee and clinician, Press Ganey enables providers to better understand opportunities for patient experience improvement by reducing patient suffering and creating stronger employee and physician engagement. In addition, through healthcare benchmarking, advisory services and strategic consulting, Press Ganey provides greater insights to help organizations achieve healthcare performance improvement.