Health Care Consulting

Build a High-Performing Workforce that Delivers Compassionate, Connected Care

Press Ganey’s strategic health care consulting solutions assess your cultural environment and address complicated health care workflows with approaches that engage and align staff to ensure robust and sustained improvement. Press Ganey health care consultants collaborate with organizations to design, implement and sustain comprehensive patient experience strategies that reduce patient suffering, engage stakeholders and deliver compassionate, connected care.

To deliver safe, high-quality care in a patient and family-centered environment, caregivers must meet patient needs while managing their own stress and anxiety. Successful transformation of the patient experience recognizes the importance of reducing patient suffering, the challenge of being a caregiver and nurturing a caregiver-patient relationship that is uniquely personal and connected.

Each customized health care consulting engagement focuses on the impact specific behaviors and initiatives have on business outcomes.

Compassionate Connected Care Solutions

The ultimate measure of success is your ability to sustain performance. Our collaborative health care consulting approach focuses on coaching, mentoring and delivering resources that will ensure your leadership, physicians and staff will carry the program forward and is built around our Compassionate Connected CareTM model. The model provides leaders and managers a framework for engaging patients with the goal of reducing suffering by addressing their unmet needs.

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