Path To Better Patient Experiences

The Path to Better Patient Experiences: 

Press-Ganey-Listen-Learn-Lead-ModelPress Ganey’s proprietary Listen-Learn-Lead™ model—data-driven, patient-focused—is proven to deliver exceptional care and patient experiences.

The model is founded on the belief that every patient and stakeholder voice matters—and should have an opportunity to be heard – in sharing feedback about their care and their role in the care process.

Listen-Learn-Lead provides three straight-forward steps focusing on the five key drivers of exceptional patient experiences. The model is based on decades of experience as the industry leader in improving the patient experience. Press Ganey helps organizations listen to the voices of their stakeholders, learn from that feedback, and lead targeted improvement to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

At the center of our model, and the core of our work with clients, we are focused on the patient and improving their experience. When health care organizations put the patient first, and create a patient- and family-centered culture, they not only improve the patient experience, but also consistently demonstrate high-performance across an array of metrics and measures.

Through decades of research and experience, we have identified Five Key Drivers within organizations that deliver exceptional patient experiences. These foundational components must be solid and strong in order to deliver efficient and effective care to patients.

  • Engaged and passionate leadership – It starts with engaged, passionate leadership; getting the right people in the right jobs. It’s not just about skill, but about the passion and courage to always put the patient first.
  • Safe, patient & family focused care – Leadership must foster and nurture a culture that is safe and focused on the patient and their family.
  • Compassionate, competent caregivers – The combination of compassion and competency are proven to lead to stellar outcomes.
  • Aligned stakeholders – Alignment holds everything together. This means having systems in place that align employee goals and incentives with organizational goals – ensuring that everyone is working toward a shared goal of providing exceptional patient experiences.
  • Reliable care and business process – With the right leaders, team and culture in place, it’s the organization’s responsibility to provide the processes to set them up for success. The path to improving the patient experience is a continuous and complex journey. But, you don’t have to travel on it alone. Press Ganey partners with organizations from every corner of health care to improve the patient experience.

We help you listen with cutting-edge tools to capture the patient and stakeholder voice. 

We help you learn with advanced healthcare analytics and reporting that bring these insights to you.

We help you lead with support from our ​Transformational Advisory Services as you continue to transform and improve your patient experiences.