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Join forces with other healthcare leaders to bring new ideas and solutions to the forefront to engage, strengthen and support all members of the workforce.

Being a member of the healthcare workforce requires outsized levels of service and selflessness. Today, these qualities are being put to the test. Ongoing disruptions within the industry and the intensity of the pandemic response have stretched our employees to their limits, leaving them mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. The effects are being felt across the breadth and depth of every institution.

Press Ganey’s Workforce Well-Being Collaborative convenes clients and Press Ganey leaders around the critical issues affecting the health and well-being of the workforce so that healthcare leaders can more fully understand and address the physical, emotional, financial, and operational needs of their employees, both near-term and beyond.

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By joining the Collaborative, you will have the opportunity to learn from other members and share emerging solutions, programs, and practices so that all can benefit.

For clients who join the Workforce Well-Being Collaborative, Press Ganey commits to helping them identify the current state of workforce well-being and providing insights to drive actionable improvement at their organizations through the following resources.

  • Learning forums, facilitated by Press Ganey leaders, where members of the collaborative share their programs and best practices for improving the well-being and resilience of their workforces
  • Summary analytics and insights to inform current state, detractors of well-being and resilience, and impact on key outcomes such as staff retention (turnover) and patient experience results
  • Networking opportunities that bring together healthcare leaders from across the country to discuss and tackle tough well-being challenges they are experiencing
  • Additional well-being measurement and analytic tools for Press Ganey Workforce clients

The collaborative is led by Press Ganey thought leaders Dr. Jessica Dudley, Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Jeff Doucette, Chief Nursing Officer, and Martin Wright, Partner, Strategic Consulting. Become a member of the Workforce Well-Being Collaborative by completing the form. You will receive a welcome email with additional information and invitations to our learning series and other events. If you have any questions about the collaborative, please email [email protected].

Jessica Dudley
Jessica Dudley, MD

Chief Clinical Officer, Press Ganey Associates LLC

Jeff Doucette
Jeff Doucette, DNP, RN

Chief Nursing Officer, Press Ganey Associates LLC

Martin Wright
Martin Wright

Partner, Strategic Consulting, Press Ganey Associates LLC

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