Achieve High Reliability to Deliver Safe, Quality, Patient-Centered Care

High-quality care delivery requires relentlessly consistent execution, engaged caregivers and efficient processes. The complexities and high-risk demands of health care can make the journey to becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO) seem overwhelming.

Press Ganey’s experts in High Reliability science – from health care, military and commercial aviation, manufacturing, nuclear power – help transform organizations and build the capability to perform to the highest standard, consistently over time. We’ll also help you understand how to weave proven reliability principles into everything you do to develop a culture of human performance and operational excellence and deliver safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. Applying evidence-based practices and lessons learned from engagements with more than 1,400 health care organizations, we work side-by-side with you to develop the most effective plan for your organization’s priorities.

We Can Help Your Organization:

Build Reliability into All Aspects of Care

Press Ganey’s comprehensive approach to High Reliability principles addresses both human behavior and process improvement through core values and beliefs, guiding practices and reliability coaching.

Develop a Holistic Approach Across Your Organization

Our High Reliability experts will help you focus on establishing one culture of human performance, operational improvement and clinical excellence to meet patients’ needs across the continuum of care.

Perform at the Highest Standard, Consistently Over Time

A common framework of High Reliability empowers your entire organization to function at the highest standard and support improvement across all aspects of care: safety, quality, experience, engagement and efficiency.

Accelerate Change When Change is Imperative for Success

We’ll help you understand the relationships between safety, quality, experience, engagement and efficiency to build a focused improvement strategy, drive outcomes and sustain improvement across all measures.

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