Develop Workforce Strategy

Design a blueprint to ensure effective development and execution of engagement and cultural initiatives.

Successful improvement strategies begin with an accurate understanding of the current state of workforce engagement and cultural priorities. Press Ganey organizational development and workforce optimization experts partner with health care leaders to develop an effective plan to achieve business outcomes. This assessment serves as a building block for improvement, ensuring that measurement strategies capture the relevant workforce and engagement information needed to achieve goals.

This early focus ensures alignment from data collection through the execution of improvement strategies, and on to sustainability initiatives. Press Ganey advisors partner with leaders to ensure the right data are captured, reported, and analyzed to meet the unique needs of the organization.
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Key Benefits



current state as a building block for improvement.



top priorities to guide improvement activities and investments.



priorities and resources to minimize confusion and uncertainty.

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Engagement Matters: Meeting the Unique Challenges of the Health Care Workforce

The factors that influence workforce engagement vary in health care, and may fluctuate further based on employees' functions, roles and departments. A deep understanding of these relationships—and of the uniqueness of the health care workforce—is critical when designing and implementing a successful and sustainable engagement strategy.

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