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Engage, develop and retain your workforce to build a high-performing culture.

Research confirms that an engaged, patient-centered workforce is foundational for the delivery of efficient and effective health care services and positively impacts the safety, quality and experience of care. Leading organizations that recognize the value of creating a culture that promotes engagement, resilience and safety will be best-positioned to succeed across all of these measures.

The Press Ganey Workforce & Engagement Solution enables organizations to transform culture and align the workforce around a shared vision. We analyze employee feedback to develop actionable insights and improvement recommendations as part of broader organizational efforts.

Achieve Business Objectives through Workforce Strategies

Develop Workforce Strategy

Design a blueprint to ensure effective development and execution of engagement and cultural initiatives.

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Capture Employee Viewpoints

Assess engagement, resilience, and safety culture with one streamlined approach for all employees.

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Target Data-Driven Opportunities

Understand performance across the enterprise and down to the work unit with a focus on health care-specific metrics and reporting.

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Convert Insights into Improvement

Partner with experts to identify root causes and develop targeted strategies to transform workforce engagement and build a high-performing culture.

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Driving Health Care Excellence Through Workforce Engagement

Press Ganey Chief Human Resources Officer, Joe Cabral, Dr. Marc Harrison, President and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, and Tracy Church, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer of Hartford Healthcare share their perspectives on the critical role an engaged workforce plays in transforming the safety, quality and experience of care.

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