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Engage, develop and retain your workforce to build a high-performing culture.

An engaged, and resilient workforce is foundational to the delivery of safe, high quality, patient-centered care. Attracting and retaining the best employees, aligning nurses and physicians to organizational priorities, and cultivating effective leadership requires a sustainable approach.

The Press Ganey Workforce & Engagement Solution helps organizations improve the essential human element of care for caregivers with comprehensive measurement, analysis and insights based on employee feedback. With innovative HR consulting and predictive analytics from Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), our experts partner with you to optimize human resource operations and caregiver feedback to improve performance and deliver a measurable ROI.

Achieve Business Objectives through Workforce Strategies

Develop Workforce Strategy

Design a blueprint to ensure effective development and execution of engagement and cultural initiatives.

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Capture Employee Viewpoints

Assess engagement, resilience, and safety culture with one streamlined approach for all employees.

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Target Data-Driven Opportunities

Understand performance across the enterprise and down to the work unit with a focus on health care-specific metrics and reporting.

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Convert Insights into Improvement

Partner with experts to identify root causes and develop targeted strategies to transform workforce engagement and build a high-performing culture.

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The Engaged Caregiver

"The Engaged Caregiver" provides health care professionals with a practical guide for identifying, diagnosing, addressing, and overcoming caregiver burnout on a personal level. Through the contributions of our authors, the book offers an actionable plan for creating a resilient work culture that empowers caregivers and gives them the support they need to deliver safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.

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