Build Safety and High Reliability Champions

Drive C-Suite and board adoption of your Zero Harm commitment, instill key harm measures and empower your workforce to be champions of safety.

Adoption of a Zero Harm goal and key harm measures is fundamental to a successful safety culture transformation – and must be consistent across the organization, from the board and executive leaders to the front line caregivers and staff. With your Press Ganey safety diagnostic assessment as the guide , our safety team equips your leaders and workforce with the High Reliability skills, principles and techniques to transform your health care organization into a High Reliability Organization (HRO) and build champions of safety throughout your workforce, regardless of role or level.

During this phase, our safety team will help your organization:
  • Drive executive leadership and board adoption of your Zero Harm goal
  • Commit to standard harm measures based on our HPI Safety Event Classification® (SEC®) taxonomies
  • Deliver High-Reliability science training and coaching across the organization
  • Develop and instill a fair and just culture throughout your workforce
  • Incorporate brief daily safety huddles that engage leaders across functions
  • Implement Rounding to Influence (RTI) methods for more engaging dialogue between leaders and the front line
  • Launch a formal safety coaching program that empowers staff regardless of role or level
  • Encourage peer-to-peer relationship building that supports speaking up for safety
  • Conduct safety event cause analyses investigating harm to prevent recurrence
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Key Benefits



the C-Suite and board of directors to adopt and embrace Zero Harm as a top goal



High Reliability principles guide a just culture of safe, patient-centered care



daily safety huddles and a safety coaching program that inspire change and action

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