Assess and Diagnose Your Safety Culture

Determine where to prioritize your safety improvement efforts with a deep understanding of your organization's culture, governance and processes for analyzing harm.

Providing safe care for every patient during every visit requires an organization-wide commitment to Zero Harm. Knowing where to prioritize your current safety improvement efforts is key to eliminating harm. Working closely alongside HPI safety experts using approaches grounded in High Reliability science, your team will gain a deep understanding of your safety culture and processes to discover what you already do well and uncover areas needing the most improvement and focus.

Adoption of a Zero Harm goal and key harm measures is fundamental to a successful safety culture transformation – and must be consistent across the organization, from the board and executive leaders to the front line caregivers and staff. With your Press Ganey safety diagnostic assessment as the guide, our safety team equips your leaders and workforce with the High Reliability skills, principles and techniques to transform your health care organization into a High Reliability Organization (HRO) and build champions of safety throughout your workforce, regardless of role or level.
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Key Benefits



the gaps of your safety efforts to maintain what’s working and fix what needs improving



the opportunities to introduce reliability in governance policies, procedures and processes



and analyze your past safety events using in-depth HPI common cause analysis methods

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