Transform your culture to reduce patient and workforce safety events and embrace an organization-wide commitment to Zero Harm.

Protecting every patient and employee from harm must be an overarching goal for every health care organization. Wherever you stand on your journey to achieve Zero Harm, Press Ganey is ready to help you achieve your objectives.

Using High Reliability science as the framework, our HPI patient safety and workforce safety experts guide organizations through the transformational process of building a high-performing culture. This includes establishing Zero Harm as an uncompromising core value and guiding mission, providing reliability coaching that addresses both human behavior and process improvement, applying reliability principles derived from nuclear power, aviation and other High Reliability Organizations (HROs) and instilling the values, beliefs and behaviors that help accelerate improvement across organizational priorities. Press Ganey's Strategic Consulting team and HPI methodologies have helped more than 1,100 health care organizations improve patient and workforce safety, typically resulting in an 80% or better reduction in Serious Safety Event Rates® aligned with the company's Safety Event Classification® taxonomy.

We Focus on the Needs of your Organization:

Assess and Diagnose Your Safety Culture

Understand your culture, organizational governance, process gaps and past safety event causes.

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Build Safety and High Reliability Champions

Drive C-Suite/Board adoption, instill key harm measures, empower your workforce with a just culture.

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Sustain Safety Efforts for Continuous Improvement

Reinforce organizational learning, analyze new event data, detect and correct drift to sustain performance.

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Learn and Share in the HPI Press Ganey PSO

Learn from others, share safety stories, speak freely in protected forums.

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Measure the Effectiveness of Your Practices with High Reliability Platform™

Watch Measure the Effectiveness of Your High Reliability Practices with High Reliability Platform™ to learn Press Ganey's High Reliability Platform™ (HRP™) can help you manage daily activity and gain visibility across the continuum.

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Zero Harm: How to Achieve Patient and Workforce Safety in Health Care

In Zero Harm, the world's leading safety experts share practical, day-to-day solutions that combine the latest tools and technologies in health care today with the best safety practices from high-risk, yet high-reliability industries, such as aviation, nuclear power, and the United States military. Using these field-tested methods, you can develop new leadership initiatives, educate workers on the universal skills that can save lives, organize and train safety action teams, implement reliability management systems, and create long-term, transformational change.

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