NarrativeDx, a Press Ganey Solution

Consumer Insights from AI-Driven Comment Analytics

Enables Health Systems to Humanize Patient Comment Data

Elevate the patient voice to catalyze change and support a human-centered patient experience with the ability to systematically analyze and derive actionable insights from large volumes of patient comments.

The NarrativeDx artificial intelligence technology uses natural language processing and machine learning to combine and understand unstructured text and patient comments, such as responses to open-ended questions on patient experience surveys, adding depth and context to the quantitative data. 

Uncovering the Root Cause in Patient Experience Data

NarrativeDx identifies nuances in patient comments and provides a clear understanding of the “why” behind patient ratings and consumer behavior. Patient comments tell a story that guide health care organizations to direct resources and improvement efforts to drive sustainable transformation.

Actionable Patient Comment Analytics Intelligence

  • Dashboards and Customized Reports
    Get the right insights at the right time.
  • Actionable Insights
    Analyze sentiments and trends.
  • Resource Allocation
    Cut internal cost burden.
  • Data Agnostic
    Analyze data from multiple data sets.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy 
    Remove uncertainty with root-cause analysis.

Watch a brief video overview of NarrativeDx

The Hidden Cost of Manually Reviewing Patient Comment Data

NarrativeDx analytic capabilities make it easier for providers to understand the story behind patient comment data as part of a comprehensive patient experience strategy. NarrativeDx helps organizations reduce resource intensive manual review of comments while at the same improving the actionable insights that can be obtained from the data to improve patient care.