Insight and Action that Transform the Care Experience

Supporting safe, high quality, and patient-centered care across the health care experience.

Clinical Excellence Workforce Engagement Patient Experience Safety

An enterprise solution that aligns caregivers, culture and practices under one integrated vision

Clinical Excellence Workforce Engagement Patient Experience Safety

Core Principles

    • Commit to a goal of Zero Harm.
    • Put patients at the center of planning, delivery, and assessment of care.
    • Recognize and define safety, quality and patient centricity as the primary elements for the patient experience and understand the critical interdependencies between them.
    • Drive change using data and transparency.
    • Transform culture and leadership.
    • Focus on accountability and execution.

Integrated Insights

Understand the intersections of safety, quality, patient experience and caregiver engagement to prioritize efforts, reduce suffering and meet patient and caregiver needs

With a relentless focus on identifying patient needs and engaging caregivers, Press Ganey solutions provide meaningful measurement and insights at critical inflection points throughout the patient journey. With flexible surveys from point of care to deep data collection, we capture the voice of patients and caregivers, and add quality, structure, process and outcomes data. Our cutting-edge digital platform provides integrated insights that enable point-of-care service recovery, support patient-centered care, and prioritize targeted improvement opportunities. We partner with health care leaders to provide actionable insights that develop and retain high-performing staff and build patient loyalty.

Drive Targeted, Meaningful Action

Implement strategies to deliver safe, high-quality and patient-centered care, supported by an engaged and resilient workforce

With High Reliability science as the framework for sustainable success, Press Ganey Advisors and Consultants partner with leaders to create a culture of excellence. Experts introduce evidence-based improvement solutions and best practices to empower the organization with operational processes and human performance strategies that drive improvement, balancing support for caregivers with meeting patient needs to ensure resilience. A focus on coaching and mentoring enables your team to carry the program forward.

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