Press Ganey High Reliability Platform™

Added on Aug 4, 2020

Measure the Effectiveness of your High Reliability Practices in Real Time with the High Reliability Platform™

The Press Ganey High Reliability Platform™ (HRP™) is a daily management system designed to report, analyze, and learn from events occurring across an organization using action planning, cause analysis, and comparative analytics. The High Reliability Platform focuses on one culture of human performance, operational improvement, and clinical excellence, enabling an organization to perform according to the highest reliability standards, consistently over time.

Capture and Address Issues and Events Impacting Patients, Families, and Caregivers

Identify improvement opportunities and escalate issues when necessary using facility and department-level performance dashboards.



Quickly document events
using smart forms to capture event details, including cause and action data, to streamline priority indexing.


Promote data transparency using a closed-loop communication system to share key objectives and measures that includes email alert capabilities.


Drill down into dashboard charts to conduct common and root cause analysis and gain valuable insights into your reliability program.

All Events Comparative Chart


Build custom reports using key data elements from event records to improve awareness and engagement with your reliability initiatives and practices.


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