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Understand how culture, processes, and service behaviors impact the patient and employee experience. Press Ganey offers you consulting services to improve patient satisfaction. Our consultants bring deep healthcare expertise, leading best practices, and rich data-driven insights to help you develop a strategy and effective implementation plan to improve the patient experience of care.

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Exceed expectations


Meet patient needs and exceed their expectations

Reduce patient and caregiver suffering with strategies that facilitate the delivery of Compassionate Connected Care®. Our practical front-line solutions are tailored to your organization, and patient experience consulting sets the foundation for sustainable cultural transformation.

Reduce friction on the patient journey


Reduce friction and hassle on the patient journey

We partner with leaders to address complicated healthcare workflows in a way that engages and aligns staff, embeds accountability, and ensures robust, sustainable improvement.

Think beyond clinical outcomes


Think beyond clinical outcomes

Today, healthcare excellence encompasses safety, quality, patient perceptions, and workforce engagement. Our patient experience consulting helps you knock down barriers across these domains to drive strategic alignments and deliver the best possible PX.

Physician communication


Enhance physician communication

We offer a customized training and development program grounded in high reliability organizing (HRO). Our experts help physicians improve patient communication using an evidence-based approach that delivers measurable results.


Press Ganey's NarrativeDX

Dig Deeper with AI and NLP

Press Ganey’s patented natural language processing (NLP) technology drills down into patient sentiment to help you understand the full patient experience. Our PX consultants help you make sense of the data so you can implement a PX improvement strategy better, faster, and more efficiently.

Your Most Pressing Questions, Asked and Answered

Your Most Pressing Questions, Asked and Answered

Dynamic Surveying lets you customize surveys on the fly to get the data you need, whenever you need it. Tap into timely patient insights to address evolving expectations and avoid survey fatigue.  


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