Achieve zero harm with the most powerful, transparent, and intuitive safety solution in healthcare. Press Ganey’s High Reliability Platform (HRP) enables healthcare leaders to seamlessly reduce harm, sustain improvement, and increase team awareness of safety issues across the continuum of care.  


Eliminate Harm Before It Occurs



Ready on day 1

Our approach to implementation ensures you're up and running in days, not months, like our competitors. Deploy Press Ganey's industry-leading forms and dashboards out of the box, then easily customize from there. 




Actionable insights at your fingertips

The Press Ganey HRP dashboards are flexible, robust, and accessible, so teams can collaborate and quickly share insights. The SMART Reporter App embeds HRP into the patient chart, making reporting concerns easier than ever. 




Safety, system-wide

Safety can't be achieved at the unit level. HRP engages your entire team with an individual feedback loop and leader analytics to assess organization-wide safety culture, governance, and processes to prioritize improvements.




Establish the right benchmarks

Press Ganey's HRP uses Safety Event Classification® taxonomy—a scientifically proven methodology to reduce your Serious Event Rate® and accelerate your organization toward zero harm.


Achieve Safety through Transparency and Collaboration

Press Ganey gives you the tools to simplify and automate the process of engaging teams across the organization. Real-time alerts, action plans, and dashboards facilitate transparency and collaboration across teams, breaking down silos and improving safety outcomes for all.   


Get to the Root Cause of Harm

Identify and prioritize safety events at the unit level to communicate risks and eliminate harm. Press Ganey mines data for common themes that go beyond traditional taxonomies and visualizes the information in a way that makes it easy to understand the problem and take immediate action.    

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Safety Can’t Wait—Lives Depend on It

Build safety and leader skills across your organization. Press Ganey’s proven methodologies improve safety culture. We can train your teams on the skill sets needed to nurture a safety-first workforce.

See Press Ganey in Action

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Press Ganey understands healthcare's unique challenges—and how to overcome them. With unparalleled expertise in the healthcare space, we support your organization at every step, from data capture and analysis to tactical implementation and beyond.