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Redefine members’ relationship with your health plan. Strategically leverage insights and innovative analytics to definitively understand what's driving the member experience, CAHPS performance, and star ratings.

Accelerate Positive Change with a Data-Driven, Member-Centric Approach


Partner with Experts


Partner with the experts

Press Ganey boasts the industry’s largest benchmark of member experience data. Our database covers 98% of all U.S. health plan enrollees and CAHPS surveys for 96% of Medicare Advantage plans.

Improve CAHPS Star Rating


Improve CAHPS performance and star ratings

See how you stack up against competitors. Our Impact Analytics solution tells you where you can have the greatest effect on star ratings.

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Engage your members, strengthen your brand

Target and coordinate member outreach with analytics-grounded insights. These predict member satisfaction so you can develop memorable messages that drive behavior change.

Loyalty and Retention Strategies


Win member loyalty

In the hypercompetitive Medicare Advantage market, predicting the likelihood of disenrollment tells you where to focus your efforts. Design loyalty and retention strategies for a targeted list of members at risk of leaving.

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A Comprehensive View Across Patient and Member Experiences

74% of a health plan’s CAHPS survey covers the member’s experience as a patient. Unifying patient and member experience data leads to highly accurate predictive models to bridge patient experience data and likely impact on CAHPS scores and star ratings..

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Pinpoint Health Plan Performance Improvement Opportunities

Think beyond measurement. Key driver analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and expert consulting deliver a data-driven, member-centric approach that provides a blueprint for continual improvement.

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