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Experience the power of Press Ganey's single, integrated platform, PGFusion, to drive transformation across the entire continuum of care.

One Powerful Platform.
Maximum Impact.

With the voices of over 40 million patients and 3 million healthcare workers fused with safety and quality data from 2,000 healthcare organizations, our single, integrated platform, PGFusion, empowers you to spend less time connecting disparate solutions and more time driving meaningful improvements across the entire care continuum.

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Press Ganey gives you a unique perspective.

Our integrated analytics help your organization focus on patients as consumers, see across the entire continuum of care, and ultimately drive performance.   

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Press Ganey is helping reshape healthcare.

Rich data, powerful solutions, industry thought leaders, and unmatched expertise are brought together through a single integrated platform.  

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PGFusion delivers results.

PGFusion delivers positive impact on patient health, staff retention, hospital economics, and care equity for society.

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The top healthcare organizations rely on Press Ganey to power system-wide transformation. Find out why—and join them.


Combine PX, Employee, and Clinical Data For Maximum Impact

An integrated approach to data and improvement drives better outcomes. In today’s consumer-driven market, understanding the influence of employee experience and best practices on outcomes leads to greater loyalty.  

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Accelerate change with an integrated approach

Press Ganey clients that combine the power of the Employee Experience platform with the PX platform rank 3 percentile points higher in Hospital Ratings than clients that use PX alone.


Press Ganey understands healthcare's unique challenges—and how to overcome them. With unparalleled expertise in the healthcare space, we support your organization at every step, from data capture and analysis to tactical implementation and beyond.