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Press Ganey’s statement on the situation in Ukraine


To our clients, partners and associates:

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the humanitarian toll is mounting. Press Ganey has associates with families in both countries, and our future Forsta colleagues have seen first-hand the devastating impact, with long-term team members in Russia.

To show support, Press Ganey will make a $100,000 donation to the BStrong Foundation, which will provide assistance to the people of Ukraine and support evacuating Ukrainian refugees to safe havens.

The foundation is led by Bethenny Frankel, who has used her celebrity reach to impact people in the crisis, raising millions of dollars for humanitarian assistance over the years. The funding will support both immediate humanitarian efforts as well as longer-term displacement needs. Press Ganey is also opening up an employee match for associates to help contribute funds.

Press Ganey is not alone in pledging support in the aftermath of the Russian invasion. Forsta will be donating $50,000 to an aid organization, as well as matching all their employee contributions. In addition, with their global scale, Forsta is fast-tracking hiring processes for Ukrainian refugees in key areas of its business, like sales or software engineering.

As circumstances evolve, Press Ganey will continue to look for additional ways to help.

The war has broad implications for communities around the world, and Press Ganey recognizes the impact these circumstances may have on its associates in different ways throughout the company. The safety and well-being of its associates are always a number one priority, and in order to support them further, Press Ganey is making resources available 24/7 through its Employee Assistance Program.

In the midst of global uncertainty, we cannot shy away from speaking up for what we believe in, supporting what is right and helping those in need.

We strongly hope to see a return to peace.

Press Ganey #StandWithUkraine