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Press Ganey secures new US Patent for AI-driven insights


Press Ganey today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 11,003,849 detailing an innovative artificial intelligence methodology allowing health care organizations to extract and parse impactful insights from unstructured text to enable continuous improvements and revolutionize the patient experience.

This is an exciting innovation for Press Ganey, our clients and their patients. Artificial Intelligence derived from patient comments will provide cues to caregivers about their patients’ needs and preferences so they can anticipate those needs rather than react after the fact.

Daniel Litwer
Chief Client Officer
Press Ganey

Through its dynamic, proprietary engineering, Press Ganey offers the only platform with the ability to accumulate and analyze large volumes of unstructured datasets necessary to accelerate transformation across the care continuum. The new patent strengthens Press Ganey’s unique positioning, making it the company’s fifth patent issued for natural language processing and machine learning.

“Patient, caregiver and member comments are rich in both detail and nuance,” said Kyle Robertson, Vice President of Integrated Analytics at Press Ganey. “Providing an unparalleled health care experience requires a cutting-edge analytical approach to learn and identify actionable insights from a broad range of feedback channels. We can predict universal themes and detailed improvement opportunities, taking out the complexity of sifting through data and freeing up health care leaders to reshape the health care landscape.”

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