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Press Ganey, KidsX to launch pediatric healthcare accelerator to address health issues in lives of children


Press Ganey, the national leader in patient, member, employee and consumer experience across the healthcare ecosystem, today launched its application process for the Press Ganey KidsX Accelerator. This innovative program matches 10 cutting-edge startups with top-performing children’s hospitals to solve today’s largest healthcare challenges.  

In partnership with KidsX, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration, the four-week accelerator will provide startups with the resources needed to spark innovation and design breakthrough pediatric-focused solutions.

With the right resources, we know entrepreneurs can ignite transformation and help pave the way for other children’s hospitals to follow. We’re excited to innovate with early-stage companies, with the ultimate goal of helping families navigate life’s most vulnerable moments.

Darren Dworkin
President and Chief Operating Officer, Press Ganey

Press Ganey and KidsX leaders collaborated with nation leading pediatric institutions to identify their top pain points. Specifically, the four-week accelerator program will focus on issues related to:

  • Removing data silos and increasing personalization
  • Cultural competency and outcomes
  • Re-designing work during a workforce shortage
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Workforce recruitment and retention

Press Ganey and KidsX will match innovative startups addressing these pain points and provide the data, tools, and expertise necessary to accelerate solutions. 

“For too long, there has been a disconnect between recurring problems in the pediatric healthcare space and a lag in implementing pediatric-focused solutions,” said Omkar Kulkarni, MPH, chief innovation officer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and managing director of KidsX. “Today, we break that notion and unveil a dedicated forum for connecting children’s hospitals with the tech needed to drive frictionless family-centered care.”

Applications for Press Ganey KidsX Accelerator will be accepted through June 3, 2022. Startups interested in participating can apply at KidsX.Health.

About Press Ganey

Press Ganey, a leading healthcare performance improvement solutions company, offers an integrated suite of solutions that put Human Experience at the center of healthcare enterprise transformation. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address patient experience, healthcare consumer experience, workforce engagement, safety, clinical excellence and more. Guided by its team of renowned healthcare thought leaders, Press Ganey works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities to reduce patient suffering, enhance caregiver resilience and improve the overall safety, quality and experience of care. Press Ganey is a PG Forsta company.

About KidsX
KidsX is a global ecosystem of pediatric innovators, anchored by a consortium of over 30 children’s hospitals from around the world motivated to partner with early-stage digital health companies to transform pediatric care. Our mission is to solve the most pressing problems in pediatric care delivery by facilitating collaboration between leading healthcare organizations and inspired entrepreneurs.

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