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Press Ganey announces AI-enabled technology in Human Experience Platform


Dynamic Conversations will use generative AI to predict and surface the most relevant questions in real-time based on survey responses.

November 14th, Chicago, IL – Press Ganey, the leader in helping organizations transform the Human Experience (HX) across healthcare, announced today a generative AI-enabled tool, Dynamic Conversations, that will accelerate healthcare organization’s ability to gather, analyze, visualize, and act on feedback from the patients, providers, and communities they serve.

Today, organizations use Press Ganey’s HX Platform to gather insights from passive listening and active surveying to tackle challenges across their operations. Dynamic Conversations helps organizations accelerate their work by deploying large language models to make surveys more dynamic and intelligent. It will predict and surface the most relevant questions in real-time based on survey responses, improving the user experience, increasing completion rates, and driving higher-quality responses.

For health organizations, Dynamic Conversations will simplify survey design by eliminating the need to create complex question trees. Instead, users will identify what types of feedback they would like to learn from their audience, and then the survey will generate the right questions to get the desired information. This enables richer insights without increasing the sample size or questions fielded as Dynamic Conversations can learn in real time and retire questions that have received enough data.

“Artificial intelligence presents endless opportunities to improve the human experience in healthcare, enabling organizations to deliver better care, at a lower cost to patients,” said Darren Dworkin, President, Press Ganey. “The challenge that organizations face is that large language models are only as good as the data and human expertise that designs and trains them. Press Ganey brings decades of expertise, survey benchmarks and the industry’s largest safety and experience healthcare database to measure and improve healthcare journeys.”

Press Ganey’s HX platform is cloud-based technology designed for the healthcare ecosystem that can support the rapid deployment of new AI- and machine-learning powered features. Over the last 12 months, Press Ganey has made available to customers the following features and enhancements:

  • Predictive Models and Analytics: Pinpoint performance improvement opportunities by identifying which patients should be rounded on first to prevent service issues or which nursing units are likely to have the most turnover.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Highlight themes and trends to see the stories behind the data quickly and efficiently with award-winning natural language processing (NLP) engine.
  • Answer Assist: Suggest or automate responses to patient reviews and comments using specially trained large language models that save significant time and resources.
  • Smart Planning Insights: Reporting designed to surface the best answers to common user information needs – such as ideal action planning tasks to address employee engagement survey results or which nursing metrics outperform benchmarks.

Press Ganey deploys more than 1.7 million digital patient surveys every day, continuously building its database of healthcare feedback, partners with 95% of the top 200 hospital systems and 74% of health plans representing 98% of U.S. health plan enrollees. Press Ganey is seeking innovative partners to join us in our AI pilot programs as we introduce new products and features. 

Dynamic Conversations is currently in development and Press Ganey will begin a pilot for select customers in 2024.

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Press Ganey, the leading Human Experience (HX) healthcare performance improvement company, offers an integrated suite of solutions that address safety, clinical excellence, patient and member experience and workforce engagement. The company works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality, and experience of care. Press Ganey is a PG Forsta company.

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