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65% of health systems on the Forbes 2022 Best Employer List Partner with Press Ganey for employee experience


Press Ganey, the national leader in healthcare consumer and employee experience, today announced that 31 of the 48 health systems named America’s Best Employers of 2022 by Forbes are Press Ganey healthcare employee experience clients. This year, healthcare companies made up a quarter of the top 50 and half of the top 10 large employers on Forbes’ list

We are proud to partner with such highly-regarded organizations that prioritize cultural transformation and experience. It’s remarkable to see our clients be recognized as some of the nation’s best employers, despite industry challenges with staffing shortages. Leading organizations understand the importance of continuously listening to staff and putting their people first, so they can put their patients first.

Dan Litwer
Chief Client Officer, Press Ganey

Over the last few years, healthcare has undergone an immense stress test. The implications of the ongoing pandemic take many forms—caregiver burnout, staff shortages, bed shortages and service reduction, and ever-increasing expectations of consumers. These factors weigh heavily on caregivers, physicians and ancillary staff.  

Press Ganey’s research, based on survey responses from more than 3.1 million healthcare workers, indicates employer-employee dynamics are radically shifting. A recent Press Ganey analysis shows millennials are most likely to quit, and one in three nurses are at risk of leaving their organization. 

“Employees, regardless of their role in care delivery, appreciate being heard. To drive meaningful change and rethink old ways of recruitment and retention, leading organizations routinely take a real-time pulse of employee perception, making data-driven decisions that better align operations and foster a sense of belonging,” added Litwer.  

To learn more about Press Ganey’s employee experience solutions and strategies for preventing turnover and improving retention, visit PressGaney.com.  

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