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The Call for Speaker Proposals is Open.
Proposal submissions are due by March 26, 2021.


The Call for Speaker Proposals is an opportunity for Press Ganey clients to submit a proposal to present a session at our 2021 National Client Conference (NCC). Each year, this industry-leading event convenes more than 4,000 health care leaders and caregivers to share innovative strategies for transforming care.

Press Ganey clients are invited to submit a session proposal that outlines best practices, improvement initiatives, and/or actionable strategies that have been successfully implemented and resulted in measurable improvements in areas such as safety, clinical quality, patient experience, or caregiver engagement.

Accepted submissions will be featured as part of our comprehensive program agenda. The call for submissions opens January 26 and closes at 11:59 PM EST on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Why Present at NCC?  

Speaking at NCC offers individuals the opportunity to position themselves as industry experts, while also bringing recognition to their organization as a top performer amongst the Press Ganey client community.

• Promote your organization’s work via Press Ganey marketing channels such as email and social media. 
• Receive recognition among your peer group as a subject matter expert and high performer. 
• Contribute to Press Ganey’s efforts to set the standard for excellence across the industry. 
• Elevate your organization by sharing your accomplishments at the conference and being listed as a member of the speaking faculty. 

Preparing to Submit 

Review the Submission Worksheet to prepare all required information prior to completing the online form. The worksheet is a working document that allows you to draft and edit your responses. You can then cut and paste final responses into the form fields in the online portal.  

Please Note: To complete your submission, you will need a headshot and brief bio for each speaker, as well as your Press Ganey client number. Please contact your Account Team should you need your client number. The Press Ganey National Client Conference is a closed event for its client community. 

Tips for Writing Your Submission 

We recommend clients leverage the Submission Worksheet and review our submission example to help organize and prepare the information they will need in advance of completing the online form. Submitters can use the worksheet as a working document to copy and paste their responses in the online portal. 

Choose a story that will resonate with the audience. Attendees value presentations that are both motivating and actionable. Select a story that makes your organization stand out from the pack and is supported by measurably improved key metric(s). 

Determine your speakers early. Identify who the right person or people from your organization are to tell your story. Is it you? A senior leader? A team member? These are all important details to verify prior to submitting your proposal. 

Demonstrate your Press Ganey partnership. The commonality between all NCC attendees is that they are actively partnering with Press Ganey on their improvement journeys. Your story should incorporate specific examples of how you leveraged Press Ganey data, solutions, or your Account Team partners to achieve results. 

Show measurable results. You should be able to provide a bulleted list of key data points validating your improvement work or demonstrating high performance. 

Provide clear and actionable takeaways. Conference attendees want to apply what they learn from you to their current roles. Include actionable tips and tactics that they can put into action the week after the event.

Steps for Submitting Your Proposal 

Step 1: Create an Account and Log In 
All submitters must create an account to submit a speaker proposal. Once you have created an account you (the submitter) are able to log back into the online platform to complete the submission form/tasks at your convenience. Your information is saved as you work to allow you to return to the site to add details and complete your submission. 

Step 2: Begin a New Submission 
Once you have logged into the submission platform select the “Click here to begin a new submission” link. Follow the required steps to complete the submission tasks. 

If you are logging into the platform to complete a submission that you have already started, select the title of the submission that you wish to complete. 

Step 3: Complete the Submission Tasks 
You (the submitter) will provide your contact information as well as key information for the speaker(s). Complete session details are also required; pay careful attention to character count limits. We recommend submitters reference their completed Submission Worksheet ahead of this step. 

Step 4: Review Your Submission 
Review and edit all information that you are submitting for both the presentation and the proposed speaker(s) by selecting “Click here for a preview of your submission”. If you need to make changes, scroll to the submission task that you would like to edit and click the appropriate field to make your changes. 

Step 5: Submit Your Proposal 
To submit your proposal, confirm all submission tasks are completed and have a green check mark to the left of the task name. Once all tasks are complete, select the green “Submit” button located at the top right of the page. A confirmation email with a copy of your submission will be emailed to you.

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Session Format 

Each NCC session will be a 60-minute lecture-style presentation supported by PowerPoint slides. The presentation itself should be roughly 40-45 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of audience Q&A. Based on attendee feedback, it is recommended that each session have a maximum of two presenters.

If You Are Selected to Present 

Your submission will be reviewed by our Content Review Committee, comprised of Press Ganey industry experts as well as members of our education and marketing teams. The committee will review all proposals and make selections based on the quality of submissions, balance of topics, and application to the audience. All submitters will be notified via email in June 2021 on the status of their submission. 

If selected, presenters will be expected to complete speaker materials/tasks by the requested deadlines, including: 

• Continuing Education forms 
• Session PowerPoint presentation 
• Rehearsal of the presentation (with their co-presenter when applicable) 
• Pre-recording of the presentation prior to the live event 
• Participation in a live Q&A session with event attendees during the event


Please contact the Press Ganey Events Team with any questions about this process.

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