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A small group of diverse nursing students sit around a boardroom table as they listen attentively to their teacher and lead doctor. They are each dressed in medical scrubs and sitting with papers out in front of them. The doctor is holding out a clipboard with a document on it as she reviews it with the group.


Hennepin Healthcare’s Expansive Approach to Equity Work

March 12th, 2024 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET

About this webinar

As equity leaders plan and prioritize their work, they are often faced with making critical decisions about how and what to prioritize.

Leaders at Hennepin Healthcare took a different approach by embracing all of their opportunities to address equity. Dr. Nneka Sederstrom, Chief Health Equity Officer and Dr. Talee Vang, Vice President of Health Equity will share their approach that began with a brainstorming session to catalogue the many targets for equity work and resulted in the expansion of the equity team by more than 25 positions.

Join us to learn how Hennepin Healthcare leaders:

  • Documented the need for greater resources to address equity
  • Structured their expansive new team to approach targeted inequities
  • Tracking the impact their equity work is having on the patients they serve.

Dr. Nneka Sederstrom
Chief Health Equity Officier, Hennepin Healthcare

Dr. Talee Vang
VP of Health Equity, Hennepin Healthcare