Equity Partnership


Join Press Ganey to collaborate on ensuring equity in healthcare for all.

We share your dedication to addressing disparities and the impact of inequities on patients and our industry’s caregivers. We look forward to collaborating with you on a sustained effort to ensure equity in health care for all. For organizations joining the Equity Partnership, Press Ganey commits to invest in building additional capabilities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion including the following.

  • New survey questions for patients and the workforce to enable assessment of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.
  • New data analytics utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to help clients better understand the themes and subthemes and uncover actionable gaps for segments of patient populations and the workforce.
  • New standard data formats and an equity data diagnostic to optimize data capture. We will collaborate with you to identify gaps, formulate strategies to improve, and ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion data are routinely captured in the most valid and reliable ways for all patients and all caregivers.
  • Learning forums to identify and share best practices for improving equity in care and health care organizations.

To fulfill on our shared promise to advance health care equity, the tools and resources available through this partnership are available to clients free of charge. In return, we need your commitment to develop and implement systems that enable the capture of the data needed to drive improvement—in particular, ensuring that race and ethnicity data are routinely captured and uploaded for all patients in all settings and for your workforce. We need your commitment to respond to the data, participate in learning forums, and address gaps in equity in health care with your leadership.


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