Med Practice and CGCAHPS Solution

Improve Practice Performance with Ongoing Patient Experience Measurement

Key Benefits

Press Ganey offers CAHPS expertise that is unmatched in the industry, with more than 150,000 physicians representing more than 68 specialties—helping you understand how your practice and physicians are performing relative to peers.
Reliable data and expert guidance for your CAHPS implementation—Regardless of your practice size or affiliation, we can help you identify the most appropriate solution to fit your needs. Press Ganey provides complete and accurate information, reliable data and expert guidance for your CAHPS implementation.

What it is

With new PQRS CAHPS requirements now is the time to measure on-going patient experience. Press Ganey's Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CGCAHPS) surveys offer a census-based surveying approach and focus on provider-level data to provide a fuller picture of performance.

The CGCAHPS tool was developed to assess patient perceptions of care provided by physicians and medical groups on an ongoing basis to drive performance improvement.

Medical practices and physician groups face intense competition, administrative and operational cost increases, as well as concerns over malpractice litigation and protecting market share. In addition, new requirements that utilize CGCAHPS and the new physician value-based payment modifier are driving greater need to align with the physicians to drive accountability for performance improvement.

Our history administering HCAHPS and HHCAHPS tells us that organizations that begin surveying in advance of regulatory requirements tend to outperform those that wait. Press Ganey's Medical Practice and CGCAHPS surveys are used by organizations on an ongoing basis to aid with their improvement efforts and help prepare them for one-time per year regulatory surveys. 


Press Ganey solutions complement regulatory CAHPS surveys that measure how often a service was provided to further reveal important qualitative details  about how well a service was provided. This combination of insights gives your organization a deeper understanding of the root causes of your scores and sharper focus of your improvement efforts. Press Ganey's Patient Experience Advisors partner with your team to help you prioritize improvement efforts for maximum impact.