Engage Every Caregiver to Improve Care

Caregiver engagement is as important as the voice of the patient in advancing the delivery of excellent care. Assessing caregiver burnout is a critical component of an engagement strategy designed to reduce patient and caregiver suffering. Organizations that focus on understanding caregiver needs and building a resilient, patient-centered culture will be best-positioned to improve the quality, cost and experience of care.

Press Ganey Engagement Solutions provide organizations with the ability to capture and integrate physician, nurse and employee feedback to address and prevent caregiver burnout as part of your improvement efforts.

The Press Ganey Difference

Press Ganey solutions are supported by scientifically rigorous surveys, rich reporting and advanced analyticsTM with support from knowledgeable subject matter experts. Experienced Advisors partner with your organization for continuous improvement, providing insights and guidance to help create and implement sustainable action plans and initiatives.