Nursing Quality (NDNQI)

Improve Care Quality, Prevent Adverse Events with Deep Nursing Quality Insights

Nurses are at the forefront of the mission to reduce suffering and deliver patient-centered care. By providing a national database and RN surveys for examining relationships between nursing and patient outcomes, the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) delivers evidence to support the importance of nurse sensitive measures in overall patient experience strategy. The Press Ganey Nursing Performance Solution combines NDNQI® nursing quality indicators with patient experience and nurse engagement survey data to provide nursing leaders with a single, comprehensive source of insights. These critical domains form the foundation of a comprehensive nursing strategy to improve care delivery and achieve the highest levels of performance.

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More than 2,000 U.S. hospitals and 95% of Magnet® recognized facilities participate in the NDNQI program to measure nursing quality, improve nurse satisfaction, strengthen the nursing work environment, assess staffing levels and improve reimbursement under current pay for performance policies.  Nursing-sensitive structure, process and outcomes measures monitor relationships between quality indicators and outcomes, including hospital-acquired conditions and adverse events subject to the CMS non-payment rule, such as pressure injuries. With powerful unit-level data, NDNQI enables action-planning and intervention for specific units needing improvement. NDNQI helps hospitals achieve the highest levels of nursing performance by tracking progress and meeting data requirements for the Magnet Recognition Program®.

Capture the Voice of Nursing to Improve Quality

The NDNQI RN surveys capture the voices of more than 300,000 nurses annually to provide insights to drive quality improvements with those directly responsible for the patient experience. These focused RN surveys measure job satisfaction and evaluate the practice environment. Results of these Magnet-compliant RN surveys help hospitals identify needs of nurses, improve nurses’ work environment and enhance retention and recruitment. 

The unit-level focus of the NDNQI RN surveys enables hospitals to develop more effective, finely targeted improvements, and also helps hospitals understand the relationship between the nursing sensitive quality indicators, staffing data and RN survey data.  

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