Employee and Physician Voice:
Listen with Care — Every Voice Matters.

The voice of the caregiver is as important as the voice of the patient. Cultivating a healthy organizational culture is the gateway to sustainable quality improvement. Satisfied and engaged employees are the best source of innovative ideas, which ultimately are critical factors in driving operational excellence. Listening to every voice is critical when it comes to enhancing satisfaction, safety, process, outcomes and efficiency. By bringing together all perspectives, you can better understand and, ultimately, improve the entire patient experience.

Press Ganey's Employee VoiceTM and Physician VoiceTM offer organizations the ability to capture and integrate the voices of physicians, nurses, employees, volunteers and patients.

In 2013, Press Ganey acquired Morehead Associates, Inc., one of the premiere employee and physician engagement firms. Together, Press Ganey enhanced its ability to capture the caregiver voice as Morehead was recognized for its scientific rigor, extensive employee and physician benchmarking database, and consulting expertise.

Press Ganey's Employee VoiceTM and Physician VoiceTM solutions now possess the largest trending database along with comprehensive, flexible survey instruments and intuitive, actionable reporting tools to provide clients with insights for more targeted performance improvement. The integration of Morehead with Press Ganey’s strategic advisory teams offer expertise across the patient experience and specialization in employee and physician engagement.

The acquisition strengthens Press Ganey’s comprehensive suite of patient experience solutions and services, while emphasizing the importance of physician and employee engagement in achieving sustainable change in providers nationwide. Read more >


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To improve the quality of care, enhance the patient experience and drive greater efficiencies across the continuum, Press Ganey captures the voice of the patient to better understand and improve patient satisfaction. Utilizing advanced healthcare analytics and leveraging the industry's deepest patient experience data, Press Ganey enables providers to better understand specific opportunities for patient satisfaction improvement and healthcare performance improvement. Press Ganey offers advisory services and strategic consulting designed to deliver patient experience improvement. In addition, Press Ganey is one of the top CAHPS survey vendors in the nation, with specific survey tools for HCAHPS, HHCAHPS, CGCAHPS and more, aimed at helping organizations to meet and exceed CAHPS requirements.