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See Every Dimension of the Patient Experience to Drive Better Care

Health care providers face mounting pressures to do more with less – to improve the quality of care, enhance the patient experience and drive greater efficiencies across the care continuum. With growing operational complexity and reimbursement dependent on relative performance, the ability to understand and improve the patient experience will directly impact long-term success of an organization.

Across the continuum of care, Press Ganey Performance SolutionsSM help drive targeted and sustainable improvement. Our unique suite of solutions weave together vast amounts of disparate data across multiple dimensions of the patient experience. Through a combination of advanced analytics and strategic advisory services, Press Ganey offers insights and innovative solutions to offer health care organizations a competitive edge in measuring and improving their patient experience.

Listen to Every Voice

The value of a patient’s perspective has long been known to offer insights into improving care. Recently, patient experience data has been correlated to clinical outcomes and patient-safety events. And, as key stakeholders and advocates of care delivery, care givers – and their voices are as important as the voice of the patient. By bringing together the insights and perspectives across patients, physicians and employees, organizations can better understand opportunities. Through Press Ganey's proprietary solutions – Patient VoiceTM, Employee VoiceTM, and Physician VoiceTM organizations have the ability to capture and understand the entire patient experience.

Performance Management

To identify and improve the key drivers of patient care, organizations must measure and understand performance across the patient experience, including quality measures, outcomes, organizational characteristics and financial results.

Our solutions enhance insight into the patient experience by capturing deep nursing-sensitive quality measures, quality structure and process measures, as well as patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS).  Press Ganey’s Clinical and Business Performance solutions work together to reveal the greatest opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize payment.

Advanced AnalyticsTM

Press Ganey's Advanced Analytics offerings convert richly detailed patient accounts of care into pinpointed opportunities for improvement. These analyses examine specific dimensions within the data and apply sophisticated techniques such as segmentation and sentiment analysis to visualize where improvement opportunities are the greatest.

Advisory Services

To deliver the highest level of service, all Press Ganey solutions include unparalleled support from a knowledgeable subject matter expert who partners with your organization. Our experienced team of Advisors are vested in your success. Each Advisor combines insights with guidance to help organizations create and implement sustainable action plans and initiatives. Learn more about Advisory Services.


To take performance to the next level, we offer strategic consulting in all stages of performance improvement for patient experience, patient flow, and cultural strategy. Our consultants are change-management experts that partner with client teams to diagnose organizational issues, prescribe specific initiatives, design improvement and drive the implementation plan. Learn more about consulting.

Best-in-class Improvement Resources

In addition to industry-leading data analysis and benchmarking, Press Ganey supports providers with additional resources to drive improvement:

  • An array of proven, best-practice solutions shared in case studies, white papers, online forums, conferences and webinars.
  • The industry's most extensive archives of research findings, publications and articles to help align your initiatives with its goals.
  • Exclusive access to Press Ganey’s award-winning magazine, Partners, and eNewsletters to bring relevant insights organizations can use to drive improvement.
  • Outstanding educational and networking opportunities through our National Client Conference and Regional Education Symposiums to expand your knowledge and focus efforts.

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As an industry leader in analytics-based healthcare performance improvement, Press Ganey uses deep patient experience data to help healthcare organizations drive operational efficiency and increased patient satisfaction. Press Ganey utilizes proprietary surveys to capture the voice of the patient and provide meaningful and actionable insights into all aspects of the patient experience across the care continuum. The company's solutions help providers meet CAHPS requirements, improve value-based purchasing performance and deliver meaningful improvement to the patient experience. Press Ganey's team of expert patient satisfaction improvement advisors partners with organizations to drive success, working closely to implement best practices for patient experience, and employee and physician engagement. By working with organizations to focus on all of these aspects of the patient experience, Press Ganey can effectively help providers deliver on their mission to reduce patient suffering.