Uncover Improvement Opportunties Through Quality Assurance

Improve the Delivery of Safe, High-Quality Care
An effective quality assurance program helps hospital and health systems improve the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care by monitoring performance outcomes, quickly identifying problems that can affect patient care, improving efficiency, and reducing errors. Assessing and enhancing current processes is necessary to improve the effectiveness of quality assurance activities and drive continuous improvement.

Press Ganey Clinical Improvement Consulting experts are highly experienced in conducting quality assurance reviews throughout the hospital and their effectiveness to sustain facility best practices, as well as ensure consistency with administrative rules, licensing standards, and state regulations. We also provide department-specific evaluations for pharmacy, laboratory, and dietary, as they relate to accreditation, quality assurance initiatives, and operational best practices. Our quality assurance consulting includes the following framework components:

Staffing and Governance Structure

  • Establishment of effective governance structure to facilitate and support quality improvement initiatives facility-wide including assistance with
  • Establishment of feedback loops to existing and new governing bodies for an effective infrastructure and strategy alignment
  • Effective inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary staff-led structures to establish engagement at the bedside
  • Establish organization-wide custom-tailored staffing standard per Quality Assurance function by evaluating all factor affecting optimal performance levels

Data Strategy

  • Establishment of appropriate metrics, benchmarks, and aggregate reporting dashboards to drive improvement
  • Develop performance measure thresholds to ensure agreement on the definition of success relative to quality objectives
  • Establishment of expected sequence of effective data analysis related to quality assurance and process improvement to identify process drivers contributing to positive outcomes
  • Action plans developed to address identified issues

Infection Control

  • Establishment of the department that works closely with bedside staff in order to be able to ascertain processes changes and affect compliance
  • Establishment of effective communication and feedback related to instances of non-compliance or process change
  • Compliance with industry standard metrics and reporting

Practice and Work Environment

  • Establishment of standard work to decreases variation in performance and strive for high reliability
  • Training to establish discipline teams that work collaboratively to identify and mitigate patient safety risks

Using proven Soyring Consulting methods and time-tested tools, our ​consulting experts deliver measurable results with an average 5:1 return on investment, up to 25% in increased capacity, and a proven ability to help drive ​organizations to zero hospital acquired conditions. To learn how Press Ganey Clinical Improvement Consulting experts can help enhance your quality assurance program, complete this brief form and one of our experts will contact you.

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