Engage Patients to Understand Needs

Ask the right questions for deep insights to understand key drivers of experience and loyalty across the patient journey.

Providing every patient an opportunity to have a voice in their care builds an important dialogue and increases the opportunities to get an actionable understanding of performance. Press Ganey strengthens patient-provider relationships with comprehensive survey and rounding approaches that enable real-time feedback and performance benchmarks, leveraging state-of-the-art survey and rounding methodology across the continuum of care. Our flexible survey and rounding approaches capture relevant, meaningful insights and comments to improve care delivery to better meet patient needs, improve performance, and build loyalty. Engage patients in meaningful dialogue with targeted survey and rounding approaches that capture deeper data, deliver powerful insights and pinpoint improvement opportunities that drive patient loyalty in every care setting and service line. Press Ganey’s comprehensive survey and rounding approaches include dynamic, digital surveys with census-based surveying™, real-time rounding data collection, and an abundant opportunity to collect patient comments.

As the pioneer of digital eSurveys, Press Ganey sends surveys via text or email immediately upon receipt of patient data, and offers phone and mail options to reach all patient populations in the channel they desire, while meeting regulatory requirements. These surveys are grounded in a scientifically rigorous methodology, with a thorough process that reviews existing questions, constructs new questions, tests new surveys, and validates and confirms psychometrics. Press Ganey surveys enable reliable analysis and relevant comparisons of finer levels of information, including identification of patient needs by condition or procedure and evaluation of performance at the unit, specialty and physician level.

Using iRound, organizations can drive meaningful interactions to meet patient needs in real time through customizable, digital rounding and auditing forms. With one rounding tool for patients and staff, iRound helps improve leader and environment rounds for all levels of rounding, track service recovery reporting and resolution, recognize and reward employees, and support Magnet requirements. Using iRound, Press Ganey’s customized, digital rounding platform, your staff can ask the right questions at the right time to uncover improvement opportunities throughout your organization and across the continuum of care. Paired with Press Ganey’s High Reliability Rounding™ model, iRound helps organizations deliver on the patient promise of highly-reliable, patient-centered care.
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Key Benefits



the right questions and focus on areas that matter to patients.



our robust database with 70+ specialties for benchmarking.



regulatory requirements with a CAHPS partner to more than 10,400 organizations.

Drive Meaningful Interaction to Meet Patient Needs in Real Time with iRound

The relationship between patient and caregiver is critical to delivering on the patient promise and drives outcomes in patient experience, safety, quality, and workforce engagement. iRound helps organizations build a patient-centered environment, driving meaningful interactions to meet patient needs in real time.

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Rounding with Empathy: Transforming Care with Real-Time Patient Feedback

Real-time patient feedback is transforming culture and care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). Since implementing a closed-loop rounding platform that focuses on empathy in nurse–patient communication, the center has also seen significant gains in patient experience scores and overall performance improvement.

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