Quality Measures

Improve the Process of Care with eClinical Quality and Core Measures

Collecting and reporting electronic clinical quality measures is required to meet meaningful use and improve the process of care.

Ongoing additions to the regulations make it crucial to choose a partner that is well-versed in both eClinical Quality Measures (eCQM) and core measures reporting requirements.

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Our team of experts draws upon decades of experience helping hospitals collect, monitor and analyze clinical quality measures data. Beginning with implementation, your Advisor helps coordinate cross-functional teams that include abstractors, account managers, IT specialists and clinical leadership, to ensure your data are correctly and efficiently mapped to optimize the EHR records. Quality Performer clients can count on the service and support of a dedicated account team.

Hospitals that partner with Press Ganey are better equipped to master the complexities of reporting requirements. The Press Ganey Quality Performer®  eCQM and core measures solution provides advanced analytics that drill down to the measure level. Our reporting tools include user-friendly data collection, sophisticated reporting and comprehensive data management tools. Through the analysis of your data, our tools help to identify areas of opportunity for improving the process of care and initiate strategies built on proven best practices.

Successfully Transition to eClinical Quality Measures

The transition to eCQM takes more than turning on a switch in your EHR. Quality Performer, an ONC-ACB* certified EHR module, is designed to support regulatory requirements for meaningful use, and offer insights to aid improvement initiatives. Side-by-side comparison and analysis of your chart-abstracted and eCQM data helps to ensure data integrity in real time and perform quality checks prior to transmission.

Reduce the Burden of Manual Abstraction of Core Measures

Quality Performer also meets reporting needs for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission for inpatient, outpatient and behavioral health settings. To effectively navigate measurement changes, and utilize quality data to support continued improvement, Quality Performer combines deep analytics and expert advisors to support client improvement initiatives.

Press Ganey accepts multiple file types enabling our clients to take advantage of any electronic datawhether it’s in a facility’s health care information system, electronic health record or clinical decision support systemreducing the burden of abstraction. By minimizing manual data entry, we help to reduce the chance for error and the costs associated with the data collection process.

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*The Quality Performer HospiJULItal eMeasures version 1.5 EHR Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. Press Ganey Associates, Inc. 7/10/2015, Quality Performer Hospital eMeasures version 1.4, 12052013‐2248‐8, Clinical Quality MeasuresCertified, EHR Modular Certification Of the following: 170.314(c)(1, 2, 3);170.314(g)(4).

Costs and Limitations

Hospitals using Press Ganey’s Quality Performer Hospital eMeasures solution pay an annual subscription fee for data collection, data processing and data transmission software and services. This fee includes initial set up, training, and ongoing support and education related to the product and to the reporting requirements. Additional analytic tools may be licensed for additional annual fees. Clients also have the option to engage Press Ganey for fee-based, “Data Diagnostics” consulting, which helps clients understand and troubleshoot data quality and data completeness issues.

The typical costs that a hospital may pay to implement the Quality Performer Hospital eMeasures version 1.4 in order to attempt to meet the Meaningful Use objectives and measures include:  annual subscription fee, based on the number of measures the client chooses for transmission; one-time fee to establish interfaces for reporting to public health agencies; and annual fee associated with support for and ongoing maintenance of integration with other ONC certified systems. The Press Ganey eCQM solution has no contractual, technical or practical limitations.