2020 Strategic Insights: From Principles to Practice

Added on Mar 5, 2020


2020 Strategic Insights– From Principles to Practice: Powering Transformation through High Reliability

Drawing on Press Ganey’s work with more than 41,000 health care facilities and input from 40.6 million patients and 2.4 million physicians, nurses, and employees annually, the 2020 Strategic Insights ReportFrom Principles to Practice: Powering Transformation through High Reliability–outlines an approach to sustainable, holistic excellence that leverages the interdependencies of safety, quality, experience and workforce engagement utilizing an integrated data strategy to drive performance at every level in the organization.

Download the report to learn how to achieve sustainable, enterprise-wide excellence that reliably meets the needs and expectations of health care consumers and the teams that care for them.

Download the paper to learn more.