Using Predictive Analytics to Identify Turnover Risk and Drive Key Outcomes

Added on Aug 3, 2020

Webinar Available On-Demand
Recorded on Thursday, July 30
Watch this webinar to learn how our latest predictive analytics solution can leverage your existing data—employee survey results, span of control, PTO usage, COVID-19 data, and other caregiver measures—to pinpoint key drivers of turnover, calculate turnover cost by work unit or department, and address the teams facing the highest flight risk first.
Shane Douthitt and Scott Mondore, Press Ganey’s Vice Presidents of Workforce Engagement and the co-founders of Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a Press Ganey solution, take a deep dive into how Flight Risk Analytics enables you to reveal and prioritize at-risk areas of your health care workforce and recommend targeted actions to address improvement opportunities. In this webinar, you will
  • Learn how Flight Risk Analytics uncovers key drivers of voluntary turnover, quantifies the cost of potential turnover, and identifies units and roles at greatest risk,
  • Hear how this solution helped nurse leaders at a large health system prioritize the teams facing the highest cost of turnover risk among nearly 1,000 nurses, and
  • Discover how to apply more than 25 critical flight risk measures and predictors to calculate potential employee, nurse, and physician turnover across your organization.

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