Navigating Acute Care in 2015

Added on Jul 24, 2015


Jodie Cunningham, Vice President of Public Reporting and Policy
Kimber Abair, Director of Acute Services

The expansion of CAHPS surveys in acute care demonstrates a growing focus on the patient experience. Stay ahead of the curve and join us April 14, 2015 at 1 pm ET to learn more about current requirements, as well as emerging CAHPS programs in various stages of development, such as EDCAHPS. In addition, gain insight as our team shares key findings from our EDCAHPS Early Adopter Study, including how purposeful, compassionate communication drives patient-centered care in the Emergency Department.

During our next session of our CAHPS webinar series, Jodie Cunningham, Vice President of Public Reporting and Policy, and Kimber Abair, Director of Acute Services, will review the latest regulatory updates and address the following CAHPS initiatives:


  • Child HCAHPS


This session will provide you with the information you need to know about new and existing CAHPS programs to help you maximize your organization’s performance and to better understand the potential impact to your regulatory and pay for performance programs. As the largest CAHPS administrator in the country, partnering with more than 8,000 clients to measure HCAHPS, CGCAHPS, HHCAHPS, ICH CAHPS, and ACO CAHPS, Press Ganey is well-positioned to work together with you on these important CAHPS initiatives.